My law office has been located at 321 NW 3rd Avenue in Ocala, Florida for over twenty-five years. We are only two blocks from the Marion County courthouse and one block from the Federal courthouse. We are a short drive from all of the Marion County offices and the Ocala City Hall.


As a lawyer, I understand that good communication is the key to good representation. I have worked hard to make my Ocala law office comfortable and inviting, a place where even the most difficult legal issues can be discussed in a warm and safe setting.

This is my own building and is staffed by my two assistants, Robin and Joanna. There are no other businesses or lawyers to distract my attention from your legal concerns.

When you enter my waiting room you will see a slightly oriental design and there are current magazines to read when you arrive. However, I strive to be timely in all of my appointments so there will be very little time to catch up on current events, it is my belief that if you can be on time, then so can I.

Once in my personal office the décor is a little more varied. I have a number of my own photographs on the walls as well as pictures of my family and two very attractive original paintings. Once we start to talk, though, my focus is you—my phone is placed on ‘do not disturb’ and my computer is in the ‘save’ mode unless immediate research is required to find answers or information.

I would love to have you visit my law office in Ocala, Florida so that I can provide you with all of my experience and expertise.

Please give us a call today at (352) 732-4500 or e-mail us at for to schedule your appointment.