Michael J. Cooper

_MG_1186 The first thing you should know about me, Michael J. Cooper, is not that I am Your Florida Attorney. It’s more important to learn that I have been married to Patty for forty years come May 29, 2017 and that  →

Let me put my knowledge of Florida Law to work for you

_MG_0994 Practical solutions—that is what you want and what you deserve. When you talk to a lawyer about your legal problems, you need straight talk that you can understand and use. You need a lawyer who has the experience to give  →

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_MG_1001 My law office has been located at 321 NW 3rd Avenue in Ocala, Florida for over twenty-five years. We are only two blocks from the Marion County courthouse and one block from the Federal courthouse. We are a short drive  →

Don’t Let the Bad Guys Win

_MG_1199 You hear about it every day on TV and the radio; you read about it in newspapers and magazines; you see it with your friends and relatives. You never think it will happen to you but the chances are very  →