Practical solutions—that is what you want and what you deserve. When you talk to a lawyer about your legal problems, you need straight talk that you can understand and use. You need a lawyer who has the experience to give you good answers and who can put them into clear language that is not full of confusing legalese.                      


You need to know your rights and the choices you have to resolve your difficulties.

I understand what is required from me. It is my business to solve problems and I can only do my job if I communicate in a way that makes sense to you.

After over thirty five years of consulting with and representing clients in all sorts of different circumstances, I know what it takes to make sure that you are satisfied.

I give you practical solutions, reasonable advice, fair costs and good choices—that is my duty as a lawyer and I hold myself up to very high standards.

When I decide to take your case, consult with you, prepare documents on your behalf or represent you in court, I do so with a commitment to provide you not only the best quality assistance but the knowledge that will help you to be fully involved in every aspect of the process.

Skill, practice, familiarity and understanding are the qualities that I bring to the table on your behalf. Sensible, realistic, workable solutions are my goal to solve your problems. Efficiency, fair charges and responsibility are what I strive for in fulfilling your needs.

From my Ocala law office, located in the center of beautiful Marion County, Florida I will take care of you, your business and your problems.

Please give us a call today at (352) 732-4500 or e-mail us at for to schedule your appointment.