When most people hear the word ‘Litigation’  they think of courtoooms and judges and pleadings and hearings and trials and all of the other baggage that goes along with resoving legal issues. There are rules to follow, laws that must be enforced, formalities of the system, processes and procedures that are often confusing and uncertain. This is the time when an experienced lawyer is required, someone who can maneuver through the complications that can trip you up at any time, someone who knows the judges, the system, the means and methods to get results, someone you can trust to protect your rights and provide the best representation.

This is where I can help. 

I have significant experience in solving problems that involve, for example, Real Estate Disputes including assisting you in Foreclosures and Foreclosure Defense if the bank is trying to get your property; Quiet Title Actions if there is doubt as to the title to your property; Boundary Disputes if a survey shows problems with your property lines; Homeowner and Condominium Liens whether you need to file them or defend against them; and Construction Disputes and Mechanic Liens if you’re a contractor or an owner and need to protect yourself in court.

There are so many other problems that require aggressive legal activity such as Breach of Contract, Collections, Partnership or Corporate Disputes, Horse Liens, Garnishments, Declaratory Judgments and Replevins.

In addition to protecting your interests in court, I am also experienced in providing excellent representation for you in Mediation, Arbitration or Administrative Hearings.

When you need an advocate who has been there before and can make sure that you are well and properly heard, when the circumstances require an attorney who is familiar with the routine and can speak in terms that will make a judge or jury stand up and listen-give me a call. I’ve been there, arguing, defending, attacking, doing whatever is right, proper and necessry to bring justice to my clients cause.

Michael J. Cooper, Your Florida Lawyer, centrally located in Marion County, Ocala, Florida, is there to provide you fullest and best support and assistance, knowledge and documentation that you will need to guide you through the stressful world of Litigation.

Please give us a call today at (352) 732-4500 or e-mail us at mcooper@michaeljcooper.com for to schedule your appointment.