The first thing you should know about me, Michael J. Cooper, is not that I am Your Florida Attorney. It’s more important to learn that I have been married to Patty for forty years come May 29, 2017 and that we have two children—Stacey and Jordan, that Jordan is married to Tricia and that they have two sons, Riley and Caleb, and a daughter, Paige.

This is the foundation of my practice. Certainly there are many years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and strong credentials to back me up, but it’s my family that provides the support and the strength that allows me to succeed on your behalf.

Stacey lives in Denver (although there is eternal hope that she will return home to Florida someday) where she is putting her MBA to use. Jordan and his family live in Jacksonville where he has opened his own practice, Cooper Chiropractic (  for those who are interested).

One of five children, I was born on November 1, 1951 in Schenectady, New York. Dad was an engineer with General Electric and mom had her hands full with the challenge of raising all of those kids. My older sister and I became lawyers, my other sister is a librarian and my two brothers became engineers.

By my thirteenth birthday the Cooper clan had relocated to Daytona Beach where I graduated from Seabreeze High School…go Sandcrabs. From there it was on to the University of Florida where as an honors student I earned a degree in political science. Then, with no rest, my path led straight into the University Of Florida Law School. I graduated in 1976, again with honors and as a member of the prestigious Law Review.

My first job was in West Palm Beach with a firm specializing in insurance defense. However, the open spaces and growing importance of Marion County, Florida held more attraction. After marrying Patty, a Gainesville girl herself, we moved north, settled in Ocala, Florida, opened my law firm and found ourselves a home, a family and a multitude of friends. In 1985 I opened my own law practice and now, over thirty years later, remain at the same convenient location demonstrating a consistency that is hard to find these days.

My numerous hobbies include jogging, mountain biking, road biking, weightlifting, kayaking, travel, blues music,  playing the harmonica, reading just about anything with an emphasis on literature, as well as writing everything from children’s books (The Fish That Made a Wish, copies available) to  novels, (The Prayer Man, The Temple, Full Moon Dreams. Speak of the Devil, Picaresque,  available on Amazon).

Thank you for allowing me to provide you his brief introduction. If you share any of my interests or background, feel free to let me know.

Call me at (352) 732-4500 or e-mail me at so that I can confidentially guide you through the complicated legal system as only an experienced and capable lawyer can do.

Your Florida Attorney, Michael J. Cooper.