Whether you’re seeking to prepare a Will, a Codicil, a Power of Attorney, a Trust, a Living Will or a Health Directive, you need someone with experience who can confidently guide you through the finer pints of Estate Planning, provide Consultation and Advice and prepare the best documents that will help you during your life and make the handling of your estate easy and straightforward for your heirs.

Each and every matter regarding your property, your future, the well-being of your life choices and the benefits granted to your heirs needs to be discussed, explained, reviewed and prepared  so that you and those that follow are fully protected against unforeseen problems and difficulties.

And when the time comes for you or your loved ones to handle the  Administration of an Estate, or Probate, a Will Contest or and Out of State or Ancillary Estate, you want an experienced professional to have the answers, the know-how and the ability to fairly and efficiently lead you through the process.

Michael J. Cooper, Your Florida Lawyer, is there to provide you the fullest and best support and assistance, knowledge and documentation that will may need to guide you through the very sensitive world of Wills and Estates.

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